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In the beginning .... I didn't have very much extra money to buy parts to build equipment with or to experiment with.  I had always liked technical writing and found a challenge in explaining something to someone using just the written word and some diagrams.  Somewhere along the line I discovered that I could earn money writing magazine articles, and that I could then buy more parts so that I could write more articles and buy more parts -- you get the idea.  There were numerous hobby/technical magazines then, and they were all hungry for authors.  The major players were Radio & TV News, Electronics World, Popular Electronics, CQ Magazine, Ham Radio Magazine (my favorite), 73 Magazine and QST.

My association with Electronics World (formerly Radio & TV News) was especially productive.  The editor, Bill Stocklin, connected me with people at Motorola and other manufacturers (Centralab, Amperex, Bud, Vector, Stancor, Switchcraft, Keystone, Sprague, RCA, etc.) and all I had to do was tell them that I was writing an article and the free samples followed.  Life was good!

Bill Stocklin asked me to contribute to a special issue on PC boards that he was planning and also asked me if I could put together a series of articles on designing homebrew digital test equipment.  Unfortunately, the digital instrument series terminated after six articles at which time the magazine suddenly went out of business.  I don't think I was directly responsible!

The articles I wrote in the 60's dealing with understanding and using ICs were especially significant in that digital ICs were just becoming affordable and there was very little practical information available for the hobbyist.  I received requests for reprints from a traffic signal company in Washington state and from a library in New Zealand.  Interestingly, although many of the ICs were affordable, the sockets were very expensive and display technology was still evolving.  Digital clocks were the province of Cape Canaveral and the Western Test Range.

Other than the assignments by Electronics World, the manuscripts I submitted for publication were all unsolicited.  I had never received a rejection until Ham Radio Magazine replied that my Oscilloscope Design Notes article didn't meet their current editorial requirements.  Now, I thought that was a pretty good article although maybe a little heavy on amplifier linearity issues, so I wrote back to the editor (was it Jim Fisk?) asking if he even read the manuscript.  A few weeks later I received a check in the mail.  No letter, just a check.  The article was never published.  I guess we both won that battle.

So, here's the rundown of what I've written or presented.

Magazine Articles

CQ Magazine

A Squelch That Works (Date unknown ~1959)

A 90-Watt Mobile Power Supply  (November 1962)

73 Magazine

RTTY Tone Generator (August 1969)

Ham Radio Magazine

Oscilloscope Design Notes (purchased but never published)

Designing with IC Voltage Regulators (October 1970)

Electronics World Magazine

IC Frequency Dividers & Counters (December 1968)

IC Frequency Dividers and Counters Part 2 (January 1969)

A Digital IC Timer (May 1969)

Printed-Circuits for Short Runs  (October 1969)

Digital Instruments You Can Build Part 1 Low Cost Digital Readouts (July 1970)

Digital Instruments Part 2 Counting and Decoding Circuits (August 1970)

Digital Instruments Part 3 Digital Integrated Circuits (September 1970)

Digital Instruments Part 4 24-Hour Digital Clock (November 1970)

Digital Instruments Part 5 Introduction to Electronic Counters (January 1971)

Digital Instruments Part 6 More About Electronic Counters  (March 1971)

Digital Instruments Part 7 Universal Electronic Counter (Unpublished, magazine folded)

Digital Instruments Part 8 Digital Voltmeter (Unpublished, magazine folded)


Modern Techniques of Single Sideband Modulation (April 1963)

Operating Frequency Considerations in the Design of Transistorized Power Converters  

Ham Radio Presentations & Newsletter Articles


Articles written for the SCCARA-GRAM

Presentations (AE6PM)

Presentations made at radio club meetings or other training sessions 




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