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Guest Presentations (included with permission)

The W6TC DX Loop presented by George Badger (SK), W6TC, at the 9/8/2008 SCCARA General Meeting.


Anderson Powerpole Ratings

SCCARA Dipole Inspection

Transmission Line Signal Sampling

A 40dB Power Tap

Lead Acid Battery Care

Using Surface Mount Components

The 440 Repeater Story

Transmission Lines and SWR - Part 1

Transmission Lines and SWR - Part 2

Transmission Lines and SWR - Part 3

Transmission Lines and SWR - Part 4

Transmission Lines and SWR - Part 5

Duplexers, Diplexers and Circulators

Presentations (AE6PM)

Battery Voltage Boost Regulator

Heard at Pacificon 2001-2007

Rechargeable Battery Basics

Introduction to Antenna Modeling

Two-Way Radio Basics 101

Two-Way Radio Basics 102

EmComm for Saratoga

Remote Control for the Ham Radio Station

Radio Setup, Tips & Tutorials

Repeater Tutorial

HT Setup Overview

Radio Setup Tips

Disabling the Yaesu WIRES Function

Packet Instructions

DR-590T Setup

FT-250 Fatima Procedure

FT-250 N6MUJ Procedure

FT-250 Setup Procedure for Saratoga Frequencies

FT-250 Setup 

FT-60R Setup

FT857 Operation

FT8900 Setup

TM-331A Setup

TM-V71A Setup

VX-150 Setup

Past Issues of the Santa Clara County Amateur Radio Association SCCARA-GRAM 

SCCARA-GRAM Back Issues Archive

Saratoga Amateur Radio Station Technician License Class

One-day Technician Licensing Course 2010

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