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Analog Devices

AN-345 Grounding for Low- and High-Frequency Circuits


AN-42025 Generating FixedFrequency Sine Waves with ML2035

Hewlett Packard

HPJournal Vol17 Hewlett-Packard Journal Volume 17, November 9, May 1966 (HP8405A and HP 427A)


AN017 The Integrating A/D Converter (ICL7135)

AN023 Low Cost Digital Panel Meter Designs and Complete Instructions for LCD and LED Kits

AN046 Building a Battery Operated Auto Ranging DVM with the ICL7106

AN052 Tips for Using Single Chip 3-1/2 Digit A/D Converters

AN9609.2 Overcoming Common Mode Range Issues When Using Intersil Integrating Converters


AN2879 Selecting the Optimum Voltage Reference

AN3250 Characterizing the S-Parameters of 75 ohm Circuits using 50 ohm Lab Equipment

AN749 Improving Receiver Intercept Point Using Selectivity


AN1207 The MC145170 in Basic HF and VHF Oscillators

AN1410 Configuring and Applying the MC74HC4046A Phase-Locked Loop

AN749 Broadband Transformers and Power Combining Techniques for RF

AN920 Theory and Applications of the MC34063 and uA78S40 Switching Regulator Control Circuits


AN1441 Applications for the NE5514

AN179 Circuit Description of the NE564

AN180 Frequency Synthesis with the NE564

AN1801 10.8 MHz FSK decoder with NE564

AN181 A 6 MHz converter design example for the NE564

AN182 Clock regenerator with crystal-controlled phase-locked loop (NE564)

AN189 Balanced modulator/demodulator applications using the MC1496/1596

AN1981 New low-power single sideband circuits

AN1982 Applying the oscillator of the SA602 in low-power mixer applications

AN1983 Crystal oscillators and frequency multipliers using the NE602 and NE5212

AN1993 High sensitivity applications of low-power RF/IF integrated circuits


U-131 Simple Switchmode Lead-Acid Battery Charger

U-104 Improved Charging Methods for Lead-Acid Batteries Using the UC3906


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